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During 2007-2009, the infrastructure of Biotechnology Department was modernized by the financial support of National Authority for Scientific Research, through the project CAPACITATI no. 49/CP /I/12.09.2007, titled "Biotechnology & Bioanalysis Laboratory".

Biotechnology Department is composed of four GLP equipped laboratories:

Microbiology Laboratory

The main activities carried out in this lab are:
• isolation and taxonomic characterization of microbial strains
• conservation of microbial collection
• study of polymeric materials biodegradation
• microbial degradation of organic contaminants from wastes waters
• study of microbial antagonism mechanism
Sensors & Biosensors Laboratory

The main objective of the lab is to develop chemically modified sensors, biosensors and immunosensors based on a great variety of transducers (electrodes, optical fibers, SPR).
A great part of these sensors are designed and optimized in order to be integrated in flow analysis systems which allow a high throughput and a reduced consume of reagents.
The developed sensors are applied mainly for environmental and food quality control: determination of pesticides, heavy metals, nitrite, nitrate, mycotoxins, glucose, vitamins, antibiotics, etc.
Separation Methods Laboratory

The main research objectives are:
• separation and purification using liquid membranes
• general mechanism of biodegradation process and enzymes involvement
• microbial degradation of organic contaminants from wastes waters
• aerobe biodegradation of polymeric materials to ensure ecological and efficient management
Optical Bioanalysis Methods Laboratory

In this lab the research activities are focused on application and development of new bioanalysis optical methods jointly with Sensors & Biosensors Lab.
The developed methods are based on molecular absorption in UV-Vis region, luminescence (fluorescence, chemiluminescence, bioluminescence), surface plasmon resonance (SPR), etc.
Applications: taxonomic identification of microorganisms; development of methods and kits for various biomolecules; evaluation of the microbial contamination, etc

Also, in the very near future, the Industrial Biotechnological Laboratory will be modernized and arranged in the new location.

• Biotechnologies for the obtainment of active biological products
• Biotechnologies for environmental remediation and protection
• Bioanalysis methods for the control of food and biotechnological products and proceedings (biosensors, immunosensors, flow analysis techniques, etc)
• Consulting expertise
• Vocational training in the field of biotechnology and bioanalysis

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