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» EUREKA project (2001-2004) entitled "Recovery of byproducts form leather industry"

» EUREKA project (2004-2006) entitled "Immobilised biofilm for depuration of wastes waters containing organic compounds".

» Pilot project Leonardo da Vinci Community Vocational Training Action Programme "Eurocompetencies Transfer in Vocational Guidance for Young Specialists in Bioscience Field" (2001-2004) designed to enhance the employability of young people in the labour market by using the the European competencies in vocational guidance oriented towards the bioindustrial sector. The training courses and curricula improve the professional knowledge and will contribute to the general process of innovation.
Project partners: University Hohenheim, Romanian Society of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Research Institute for Chemistry (ICECHIM), University POLITEHNICA Bucharest, Pluri Consultants SRL, University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine - Agricultural Faculty, Fundatia CERA, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Natural Resources Institute – University of Greenwich.
Project out-comes: curricula and training courses (Productive Systems in Bioscience Field ; Biochemical Technologies ; Word Glossary for the Bioscience Field; Informatics in the Bioscience Field; Comprehensive Internet); Ecological Agriculture; Agricultural Waste Material Recovery, Disadvantaged People in the Labour Market; Methodology for professional competencies, Managementul proiectelor de mediu si dezvoltare durabila); Guide of demanded jobs; data base of companies acting in biotechnological field.
Project manager: dr. Ana Aurelia Chirvase. (Special prize of UE Leonardo da Vinci Programme for good practices in the project management awarded in 2007 to the project manager).

» Pilot project Leonardo da Vinci “Training module for environmental pollution control� (2003-2005) designed to elaborate training courses and technologies for young specialists in environmental protection. Data about the project partners are available on:
Project out-comes: curricula (Organic and inorganic environmental pollutants in air and waters. Sonic and electromagnetic pollution, Analytical techniques for environmental monitoring and control and techniques to asses sonic and electromagnetic pollution, Automatic analytical methods for environmental monitoring and control, Standardization and laboratory quality assurance system in the field of environmental monitoring and control, Legislation and management of laboratory activity in the field of environmental monitoring and control including sonic and electromagnetic pollution); ghiduri de laborator (Analytical Techniques for Environmental Monitoring and Control and Techniques to Asses Electromagnetic Pollution, Automatic Analytical Methods for Environmental Monitoring and Control, Standardization and Laboratory Quality Assurance System in the Field of Environmental Monitoring and Control); data bases of demanded jobs in the domain of environmental pollution control. ICECHIM project director: – dr. Mihaela Badea.

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