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The research facilities from Biotechnology & Bioanalysis Laboratory may be available for B.Sc, M.Sc. and Ph.D. students, researchers and specialists from the industrial, ecological or medical field.

The reagents and other consumable materials will be supplied by those interested to run the experiments. The contribution to pay the utilities (energy, water, etc) and the professional assistance will be established by mutual agreement.

For an efficient utilization of the laboratory facilities is necessary to submit to the General Manager of INCDCP-ICECHIM an access request to one of the e-mail addresses mentioned below or by fax to: 021-3163063.

The access request signed by a legal representative of the applicant must be submitted with at least five working days before and should contain: a short presentation of the experiments, time required, necessary equipments, a consume estimation of the water, energy and bottled gases, personnel required, other special or risk conditions, contact data of the applicant.

After the request approval, the applicant will be contacted in order to establish the details regarding the access in Biotechnology & Bioanalysis Laboratory.

Contact data :

Mihaela Badea, Ph.D.

Luiza Jecu, Ph.D.
Biotechnology Department Manager

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