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The project Capacities No. 49 / CP /I / 12.09.2007 supported the acquisition of the following equipments:

• Chemical hood with air exhauster and cabinet for reagents (model TA 1500, Waldner, Germany) installed in Sensors Lab. • Chemical hood with filters, resistant to acids and bases (model TA 1200, Waldner, Germany) installed in Separation Methods Lab.
• Safety cabinet with 4 separate compartments (acids, bases, toxic and flammable) with filtration and ventilation system (model SV 150, Trionyx, France), installed in Sensors Lab. • Safety cabinet with 2 doors with filtration and ventilation system (model G2006 B, Trionyx, France), installed in Separation Methods Lab.
• Vertical laminar airflow cabinet Biohazard - 2 pieces (model FASTER BSC, Italy) installed in Microbiology Lab. • System for water bidistillation (model Fistreem Cyclon, Sanyo, United Kingdom), in Optical Bioanalysis Methods Lab.
• Laboratory freezer (model MPR 214F, Sanyo, United Kingdom), in Microbiology Lab. • Incubator with cooling (model KB, Binder, Germany) and incubator without cooling (model MR 162, Sanyo, United Kingdom), in Optical Bioanalysis Methods Lab.
• Heating/drying oven (model FD 53.Binder, Germany), in Optical Bioanalysis Methods Lab. • Laboratory glassware washing machine (model G7883, Miele, Italia,) in Sensors Lab.
• Bioreactor for aerobic cultures with in-situ sterilization system (model KLF 2000, Bioengineering, Switzerland), in Microbiology Lab. • System for taxonomic identification of the microorganisms MicroLog™ MicroStation™ from BIOLOG Inc. (USA), in Optical Bioanalysis Methods Lab.
• Colony Counter (Model aCOLyte SuperCount, SYNBIOSIS, United Kingdom), in Microbiology Lab. • Amperometric detector (model Epsilon 5, BioAnalytical Systems Inc., USA), in Sensors Lab.
• KF Coulometer (model 756 KF, Metrohm, Switzerland), in Sensors Lab. • HPLC system with autosampler, “DIODE ARRAY� detector and fluorescence detector (model Surveyo Plus, Thermo Scientific, USA), installed in Sensors Lab.
• Chiller for the air purification and treatment system (CLINT, Italy). • Oscillating Mill with milling balls (model MM 400, RETSCH, Germania), in Separation Methods Lab.
• BOD system (model WTW OxiTop, WTW GmbH, Germany), in Microbiology Lab. • Flow electrochemical cell for the amperometric detector (BAS Instruments, USA), in Sensors Lab.
• 750 W Ultrasonic omogenizer (model VCX 750, Ultrasonics), instalat in Separation Methods Lab.

In the last 6 years the Biotechnology Department aquiested also the next research equipments in frame of everal national R-D projects (PNCDI I, CEEX, PNCDI II):

• Orbital incubators Incubatoare Heidolph Unimax 1000 – 2 pieces (Microbiology Lab) • Optical microscope Olympus BX51 with data acquisition system (Microbiology Lab)
• ELISA Microplates Reader (model Sunrise, Tecan) (Microbiology Lab) • Double beam UV-Vis Spectrofotometer, with soft for enzymatic and bacterial kinetic curves, (model Biomate, ThermoSpectronic) (Microbiology Lab)
• Cooling centrifuge (model Universal 32R, Hettich) (Optical Bioanalysis Methods Lab) • Kjeldahl system with 6 places – Raypa (Separation Methods Lab).
• Rotary evaporator (model Laborota 4000, Heidolph) (Separation Methods Lab). • Vacuum pump (model MZ 2C, Vacuubrand) (Separation Methods Lab).
• Potentiostat / galvanostat for electrochemical analysis with software and various electrodes (model ?AUTOLAB Tip III, Ecochemie, Holland) (Sensors Lab). • Rotating disk electrode( Ecochemie, Holland) (Sensors Lab).
• Portable Potentiostat / Galvanostat (PalmSens, Holland) (Sensors Lab). • Spectrofluorimeter (model FP 6500, Jasco, Japan) (Sensors Lab).
• Autoclav pentru sterilizare cu uscare model AE-110 DRY produs Raypa, cu temperatura de sterilizare 1050C - 1390C, presiune maxima 2,5 bar, volum 115 litri (Laborator Microbiologie) • Sterilization autoclave KOCH, temperature 1000C-1210C, max pressure 1,5 bar, 19 liters capacity (Microbiology Lab)
• Balance for measuring humidity (model WPS 30S, Partner) (Microbiology Lab) • Oven Hotbox with digital controller (Microbiology Lab)
• Photomultiplier tube for chemiluminometric determination (model H9319-01, Hamamatsu Photonics, Japan) (Sensors Lab) • Analytical balance with 4 digits (model ABJ, Kern) (Microbiology Lab)
• pH-meter (model pH 2100 series, OAKTON) (Sensors Lab) • System for water mono-distillation (model DES 4, Raypa) (Sensors Lab)
• Peristaltic pumps (model Minipuls 3, Gilson, France) (Sensors Lab). • Immersion thermostat bath / circulation thermostat (model E 100, Lauda, Germany) (Sensors Lab)
• Injection valves, selection valves, flow dialysis cells, various fittings for flow injection analysis (Sensors Lab) • Ultrasonics baths.
• Magnetic stirrers.

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