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Management system includes a set of policies and procedures implemented by INCDCP-ICECHIM in order to:

  • achieve the objectives of the institute in an economic, efficient and effective manner;
  • comply with applicable regulations;
  • protect assets and information, prevent and detect fraud and errors;
  • assure documents quality and produce in good time trusted information, regarding the
  • financial and management segements.


INCDCP-ICECHIM operates reporting to National Strategy for Romania's economic development and to research - development – innovation field.

INCDCP-ICECHIM management system grew out of the need for a permanent adaptaion to the changes occurring in the economic-social background.

Management system integrates:

  • strategic management principles;
  • Internal Control Code;
  • Management standards / Internal control, according to the Order no.946/2005 of the Public Finance Minister;
  • quality management principles contained in ISO 9000 quality standards familily.

Strategic management:

  • the only system capable to achieve competitive advantage for institute;
  • permanently restores balance in a dynamic external environment more volatile and difficult to predict through:
    • analysis of the external environment;
    • awareness of the needs of internal change;
    • evaluation of directions and internal change effort;
    • taking and implementing decisions;
    • evaluating the implementation of the changes.

Internal Control standards:

  • define the minimum financial management rules that must be followed by all public entities and those using public funds.
  • aim to create a uniform and consistent management control system and a reference against which to evaluate internal control systems and to identify areas and directions of change.

Quality standards, ISO 9000 family, guide the management towards a good relationship with:

  • customers;
  • suppliers;
  • other stakeholders;
  • entire society – specific to research institutes – which is, in fact, the ultimate beneficiary of the scientific research development and innovation activity;

The principle of standards: identifying the needs and the expectations of customers and satisfying them through the quality of the products and services offered.

There are 25 standards of management / internal control, fully compatible with strategic management and with quality standards, grouped into five key elements:

  • control environment;
  • performance and risk management;
  • information and communication;
  • control activities;
  • auditing and evaluation

Specific structures from the institute were created in order to implement the 25 standards of management / internal control in accordance with Order 946/2005:

  • Implementation Commission of standards of management / internal control;
  • Ethichs Commission;
  • Internal Audit Deparment;
  • Preventive Financial Control;
  • Internal Control Department.


The integrated management system of INCDCP-ICECHIM is based on an unitary set of documents: policies, regulations and procedures.

The documentation of management system consists in 57 procedures, of which:

  • 14 system procedures with application across the organization;
  • 43 proccess procedures with application in one or more departments.

Annualy, the management analysis and updated the policy in the quality domain and plans the general and specific objectives, the activities, deadlines, responsabilities and resources for all the activities of the institute.

The management plans have undergone a continuous improvement process in order to find the most suitable indicators and the most effective ways of reporting.


The quality management system has been certified according to standard ISO 9001 by an independent and prestigious accreditation body: TUV PROFI CERT Hessen under certificate No. 731003168/01.06.2010 that was renewed in 2013.

The three Testing Laboratories of the institute comply with management standards specific to testing activity and they are accredited by the national accreditation body – RENAR, in accordance with SR EN ISO/IEC 17025:

  • Testing laboratory for dangerous substances, wastes and wastewater, under certificate NO. L 843;
  • Testing laboratory for fertilizers and biocides, under certificate No. L 700 and
  • Laboratory for environmental analysis, under certificate No. L 856.

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